Ghost of dawn


Welcome @Glitch!
Very fun game!

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Welcome to the forum, @Glitch!
I really love your game! I like how you don’t spawn enemies immediately, but you spawn them when you touch a file. Also, how do you pass level 2?


So I am going to assume that you are getting confused at the part where there is no where to go, so for that all you have to do is fall down.

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Thank you

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Two things:

  1. That volcano is awesome
  2. I love the name “lavirus”

Great work!


Thank you so much


@richard So I have a question, I can kill the viruses but not the laviruses, So how do I change it so you can kill laviruses?

Sorry, @Glitch. I am trying to pass level 2 and when you hit the magma it damages you. How can you even pass that part with the magma?

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when you are at the magma part, there is one block jumps, walk over those at the two block. Then aline your player jump and go. There you have it.


Here is an updated version:

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Sorry. I don’t see anything, @Glitch.

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@HewwoBug Okay so I am confused are you saying the part with lave on the second level is that what you cannot do?

@HewwoBug Could you reply to me with a screenshot?

@HewwoBug So I updated it so it’s easier if the the link does not work I’ll see what I can do:

Sorry, it still doesn’t work.

Ok so I created a new topic and its easier