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Space adventures the game is ready to go this took me 3 days so pls tell me you like it and there is no lags or glitches its fully done so enjoy!

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Lava does not damage you.

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yea but i just wanted it to add it to just be a decoration because because thats the sun level and the sun kinda looks like it would have lava or maybe i can make the lava so it would kill you but i don’t know


Just make them non wall tiles. The use an on sprite overlaps and reset the level!

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here is the new update ive changed the character a lil ive added enemies and i made the lava now kill you and i even added a secret level and some more stuff

oh and here’s the link

oh and here’s the riddle to try and find the secret level
i am the hottest even in the winter i look like lava but dont even try i am like the colors of a purple orchid i am mysterious pretty and satisfying.

i’ve added new updates
the link: