Github help needed

I don’t know what’s happening. My browser page restarted, right when I wanted to save my work on Github, but then it won’t allow me. The arrow is supposed to be up as well. And when I try to commit saves it just says

I’ve lost my work multiple times through this and I’m not ready to lose the one I’m currently working on. Can someone please help me?

Does the project in your browser have your current code? If so, grab a copy of your code so that you don’t lose it. In the simulator, click on the snapshot icon (the camera).


Your browser will create an image file and probably save it in your Downloads folder. Hang on to that file! It has a copy of your code, and you can load it back into MakeCode Arcade if you need to.

Hopefully one of the devs can help you get GitHub synchronized with your code. It sounds like there is a conflict between what is in your browser and what is in GitHub, and MakeCode is having a hard time negotiating that.

Okay, so after working through on Makecode, I managed to get a link copy of the game, and continued to work on the game from there. Still, thanks for the help and I’ll try to do this method next time this happens again.

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