Github and arcade

I use 2 separate github accounts, one is personal and the other for work. The work github has my projects for MINTGenie and when I was using my personal github and forgot to close one of the tabs and opened a page, I saw that all my projects were gone (the ones that i had not saved to github are lost for ever :frowning:

At this time i noticed that the editor was also connected to my personal github and when i signed out of github, it did not allow me to log back in with different account (image below). It still had the projects left over. Even when i created new project - it was still pointing to personal github.

So, is there a way to revive projects not saved to github? can we have different profiles attached to different github accounts plzzzz.

By default there Is no sign in button for GitHub. Click on import, then import repo and it will sign you in.

tried import and it failed once and when i reopened in another browser window, it worked. but I still lost all my unsaved (in github) projects due to the github auto switching. they were not super important but I should be aware of the behavior

Your projects are not linked to your github account unless they have a repository in Github.

MakeCode projects are saved locally in the browser. If you clear your browser data, switch browsers, or switch computers, you will not be able to access any projects you created before. Logging out of Github should not affect any non-Github projects