Grandwatch Raiders/SR Modding Competition

I decided to host a competition that will go on for about 2 weeks. It will go from April 5th to April 19th, which should hopefully be enough time! If not then it can be extended for some time. I have supplied you guys with a modding kit that will help with things, now here are the rules or requirements, whatever you want to call it.

Must include at least one mission
Must use at least one locked door in each mission you make.
And uh, that’s really it!

Now, Here is what is included in the Modding Kit
A few premade tiles
Menu already made
Already coded in blocks
Victory Tile, used to cause win.
Placement Flag Tile, used for placing items.
Lock Tile, locked door tile.
Drill Tiles, The drill collect tile and the drill placement tile.

Here is the link to the modding kit

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