Hackathon link request

Hey! In the past week, the makecode team did a hackathon thing. Did they post the link to their projects? I really wanted to use some of their stuff, like the soundtrack extension (By @livcheerful think) in a game. Thanks!

:eyes: yes here is the link to my Experimental Extension™

And here is a demo of it: https://makecode.com/_40EPWdWVi1LL
and here is some tests i was using: https://makecode.com/_HJiXXq846Fic just to mess with blocks

I would say that since I made this in a couple of days, it’s definitely VERY UNSTABLE and maybe confusing! So don’t put all your eggs in this one soundtrack basket, because it might slow down your game, or break randomly! And I would hate for your game to be ruined because of me :frowning:

THAT BEING SAID if you still do use it I would love to hear your suggestions / opinions! I tried to do something so that people who didn’t want to deal with music too much / didn’t know too much about music could still make some cool sounding background tracks, so I made some preprogrammed “moods”. The level of customization could be exposed for blocks, but it’s definitely a fine balance :slight_smile:

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions / issues or file things in the repo, I would love to work on this extension more!


Thanks! I absolutely love it. Its a great upgrade to the current music system. It is a tad bit confusing, but I’ll get the hang of it :slight_smile:

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lol yes i agree it is VERY confusing I did absolutely 0 testing on it with other people. here’s an example of how i intended the blocks to be used, other ways might result in a null/undefined dereference bug:

and if you have OPINIONS on what you would like to do/if something is bad, let me know :slight_smile:

(also free is the most…free mood. lets you do scales in flavor, lets you do whatever drum beat in drums. the drums from bottom to top should be bass → snare → hi hat → open hi hat but also my drum sounds dont sound great lol)

other moods kinda try to control what the bass/drums do as a warning

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Thanks! I can’t wait to see a more official version if you work on it.

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