Help: Duplication of characters

First, I want the enemy sprite to duplicate.
Secondly, i want the enemy sprite to spawn at or the spaces.
Next, I don’t want the enemy to despawn
Lastly, why is there the word “failed cast on null”?
Please let me know
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I believe that it’s because you haven’t made hd yet. You have to put the “set hd to follow mysprite with the speed of 50” at the every 2000 ms block

And you didn’t turn mysprite into hd when you did the place mysprite on top of random.

Here’s the example I edited for you

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i dont get it why they fly when i put ay on them

It’s because you put a

Set hd to follow mysprite so then they will try to follow you no matter what

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aw man

but can you apply ay?

I don’t know how to sadly

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I cant release my game now that no one respond :frowning_face:

  • Zombie Themed
  • Ghost Themed

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Hm, what’s the behavior you’re trying to get when you apply ay?

When the game applies ay, it follows the sprite and doesn’t respond to ay

It is like it won’t listen to other code affecting it

Maybe code should have like

Set Myenemy to follow mysprite with speed of 100 vy 100 vx

Just my idea of that is what it should be
Believe me I tried using ay on the enemy sprites

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That was what I was thinking

Oh yeah, unfortunately we don’t currently support “follow” with separate y and x speeds. If you want the enemy to move up or down the screen you can set them to follow nothing and then set the ay. For example, this code lets you press the A button to “unfollow”:

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That looks really cool
Is it possible to do a separate vx and vy on the follow so it wont let them do much

I needed it without pressing a button though :neutral_face:

@Dreadmask197 I’ve made a Github issue so we can track this! I think we’ll either look at upgrading the block or make an extension that has a block with separate x and y speeds.

@LCProCODER Hmm, do you want the enemies to always move up the screen? Or when something else happens?

I do want it to move down or up the screen. Either way is ok

So I was trying to write this as an extension, but the temporary test program gives me an empty screen,