Help on jumps on sprites

Hello dear community !

I’m back to share a small problem I’m currently struggling with… Maybe you’ll have some clues about it :blush:

I’m trying to re-make one of my first game with some fun on it… And this process involves to make many change in both the code and the gameplay.

The game itself is a runner type game (like the Raptor Game from the MakeCode community). The approach is different from a plateformer as there are no « tiles » (and incidentally no « walls ») involved (see project). I wish there could be a way to use « tiles » and « walls » as sprites or to label directly some sprites as walls (is there a way to do that ?) But the gameplay do involves jumping on things.

Junk Run!Aleph #2 PlateformCore

My problem is that I want the Player to be able to jump and walk on some sprites (parcours1 in this game) as if they were « walls » but I did not figure how to make that happened yet. I want the parcours sprites to have an absolute « wall/block » feeling. The player can either jump on the top of them and they behave like plateforms OR he couldn’t reach the top and then has to walk underneath the plateform.

I have followed some tutorials that explained how to make player « bounce » on certain sprites (in a Super Mario way), I have understood how this process works but this is not what I choose to to.

Anyway I would appreciate any guidance or advice :blush:

Thank you in advance