Help with arcade website

My editor won’t open at all. I cant even see my games. I’m just getting a white screen. I don’t know if this is a bug with the editor or something wrong from my side. I have tried to reload the page and closing it and opening it again, but nothing works

This is all I see

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To confirm this looks like safari on ios (that is, iPad?)

If so, first thing to check is opening in a new ‘private browsing’ tab to see if that one works for you; instructions on how to do that here: but it’s just pressing and holding on the two stacked boxes icon in the top right corner, select ‘New Private Tab’ from that list, and then try to open arcade on there.


Private tab sadly didn’t work

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I really need help with this because i can’t Access any of my games. Not wven the ones I have posted on the forum!

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Are you able to see anything on ? and if so do they all say ‘success’?

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No I can’t see anything. I’m only getting a white screen. The worst part is that I am going to present a project I have been working on for school. But I can’t access it at all😥

I can’t even access games from other forum users!!

Please help someone. I got a presentation coming soon about my game. But I can’t even access it!:cry:

do you have other devices? you can share it there just ask the teacher

I don’t have any other device’s. But that could work. I haven’t had the possibility to try it though.

give me the game and tell me the functions and i’ll tell you whats wrong