Firefox support

Makecode Arcade does not seem to work when using Firefox. The games and the editor don’t seem to function.

@richard any ideas?

@personalnote it seems to be working for me… what version of firefox are you using and what os? also, what exactly do you mean by not working? can you share an affected game?

Practically any project link. This also affects Waterfox (my current browser) and I use the latest version for both of them. I’m on macOS.

By not working, I mean they essentially don’t load and are stuck in the loading state. Everytime I want to open a makecode arcade game I have to switch to Safari.

hmmmm… I can’t reproduce that problem at all.

I tried the latest versions of firefox on both macos (ventura) and windows 11. is it possible an extension you have installed is interfering with things? can you try opening a game in a private window?

It worked in a private window! Although it might be a bit annoying to do so repeatedly, it works! Thanks a lot!

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hmmm that tells me it’s either an extension or some of the state that we store in the browser’s local storage went bad. i’m guessing it’s an extension though since you said it’s happening in two browsers. can you open up the developer console in a non-private window and let me know if there are any exceptions that show up? they should be in red

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