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Help with death animation

I’m getting close to finishing my game but I can’t get him to die a graceful death. I’m trying to do it exactly the way they Rick did it in the Mouse rpg they did on the streams. He walks ok, he idles ok, but when he dies, he just stands there. Here’s the snippet. (reluctant to post the whole thing as it’s almost complete and don’t want to spoil yet), although if you’re an expert i’d share with you. my game IS large (close to 3000 lines) and i do have a lot of console statements for debugging. Is the system too bogged down to do the animations? (my blinking animation only sometimes happens).

Fixed it! i had code in my game update that stopped all animations on my player, which was there before I put the idle code in. But thanks for reading!

can you give me the code?

I fixed it myself (as above), but I will be releasing my game in a day or two. I just finished the 1st build of it. I need to play test it a little before I release it to the public.

sure then