Help with Directional Projectile Loops

Hi Coders! :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing a game on Steam called “Vampire Survivors” and I want to recreate the projectile effect (see gif)

GIF 11-08-2023 15-56-19


I think I need to use the timer block (from extensions) but I’m not sure how I can loop the projectiles so that they increase their firing speed/amount of projectiles from pickups.

Please advise :slight_smile:


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If you’re making a vampire survivors type game check out Sophie’s Castle Adventure (Vampire Survivor like game) or my take Robot Survival v10-5


Better way to share the game so far so you guys can see the code :slight_smile:


You can use a forever block for this. Here’s some sample code for you:

Press A to increase the number of projectiles in each burst, and press B to decrease the time between shots. That example also has comments in the code explaining things

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The code looks pretty solid just change the Projectile_One_Timer variable

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