Help with Flashlight / Spotlight?

I’m trying to use the Lantern extension for a spotlight effect (like, a spotlight shining down from a helicopter) but can’t find any instructions or examples. Can anyone point me towards some info on how to use the extension? Thanks!

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Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 10.46.59
For the start lantern effect () block, you need to put the variable of a sprite in the empty parameter. This starts the spotlight effect on the sprite in parameter.

stop lantern effect does exactly what it says on the tin: stops any/all lanterns going.

With set light band width (int), think of it as changing the size of the lantern. I noticed it goes in pixels: using 1 as the parameter would make the spotlight have bands of 1 pixel; Although I’m not entirely sure, I think the default is somewhere between 12 and 17. If not, any widths in that range are still reasonable, decent widths to use for everyday use

Finally, set breathing enabled (bool). By default, the light bobs in and out constantly, as if it’s breathing, to give the lantern a more realistic look; using the bool as False would deactivate this animation.

Hope this helps, sorry if you don’t understand as I’m not really good at explainations.