Help with JavaScript Tutorial

I’m trying to go thru your Chase the Pizza tutorial using JavaScript. I am on step 4 mySprite = sprites.create(img’ ', SpriteKind.Player) and can not figure out how to get the image editor to work so I can not get past this step. I’m using Bing on a laptop running Windows. Thanks. Using Blocks worked fine. Have the same problem with Python.

Be sure you’re using backticks after the img keyword. On a U.S. keyboard, the backtick is usually to the left of the 1 key.

BTW, Bing is a search engine, not a browser. You probably mean Microsoft Edge. (Or Chrome or Firefox)

Not expanded (Typescript):
Expanded (Typescript):

As @AlexK said, you must use backticks (`) instead of '.


And that will open the image editor.

Thank you. And I did mean Bing.

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