Help with change score size

Video below shows sensing analog input Arcade hardware (light level) and assigning level number to sprite actions and to alter text size (A button press). How do I get the light level number to be larger on the TFT screen ?

You could try the seven segment display extension:

Also the arcade-text extension has an option for size

I will try these two suggestions; as far as I can tell, Arcade only outputs analog values as ‘score’ but I may be wrong on that.

Honestly, I am pretty sure you are. but also you can use variables inside if statements (Which I saw you do inside the video so I know you are good and confident at) to change a Sprite image.

I have not tried sevnseg as yet. I would like the larger ‘score’ which is actually analog light level to be larger on the TFT screen than the itsybitsy score upper left corner, but not on another piece of hardware. The sprite-text extension does have a font size and that is what I used to alter using light reading as the numerical value of the font. But, this does not change score size; only the font size as shown when pressing A button in the simulator. Any other ideas of outputting an analog numerical reading to the TFT screen in a larger font size ? Thanks.

Sorry, score in upper RIGHT corner.

My problem is that the changing numerical value is not a Sprite image. It is the level of light from 0-255 displayed on the Arcade screen. Thus far I have not been able to change the size of that displayed numeric value. I would like to make it larger. As the light intensity changes it is shown only in Arcade as a score not as a Sprite .If I could maybe “parse” the number to a text number or to Sprite numerals which could be enlarged that would be great. Any other ideas ?

No, honestly. It was worth a shot.