Any news regarding 320x240 resolution?

Hi, 160x120 was chosen as a easy way to upscale to 320x240 in some future. Right now there are at least four devices supporting it - Elecfreaks Retro, ByteBoi, Retroflag GPi or ThinkBox
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Question is in the title: “Any news regarding 320x240 resolution?” :smiley:
I am trying to engage my seven year old son using his drawings, but it doesn’t make much sense when you try to convert it to 16x16. 32x32 would be much better

you could try drawing the sprites in 32x32, then in the sprite editor, scale it down to 16x16 or 8x8.

I just bought Retroflag RPi + Pi Zero, I will try to modify Arcade code to work in 320x240 :slight_smile: