High CPU use for editor

I’m seeing constant CPU usage for the arcade.makecode.com editor, even when it’s idle and while I’ve stopped the emulator. Is that expected or is there a bug here somewhere? This is on a Chromebook with Chrome 91.0.4472.167. Here’s a screenshot:

I was planning on working on a game on a flight, but this will seriously cut into the laptop battery life if it’s constantly maxing out a CPU core, and it keeps spinning up the fan. :frowning:

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In case it helps, it seems that the current beta editor at https://arcade.makecode.com/beta#editor is better behaved:

arcade version: 1.5.42

Microsoft MakeCode version: 7.1.20

codal-itsybitsy-m4 runtime version: v0.2.7

Most importantly, the usage now seems to drop to zero reliably while the editor tab isn’t active, and appears to settle down at 12% usage while active. (That’s with the emulator paused, usage goes up while that’s active but that’s expected.)

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