Is a standalone app of the Makecode Arcade Editor being developed right now?

im in the works of a pretty big game right now, but the editor is extremely laggy and I can’t see any solutions. I have 38 blocks of code dedicated to the player, but I’ll need a lot more if I want to complete the rest of my game. I also collapsed all of my code to minimise lagginess. I’m currently using the Offline Desktop version of Makecode. A standalone app would hopefully increase performance for bigger projects.

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I switched over to the website version of Makecode. It’s a bit faster, but I would appreciate it if a standalone app was developed.

In my experience (I’m a teacher), the lag comes from your computer. I have a fairly powerful laptop, but my students got crappy cheap ones. No lag for me, but a lot of lag on theirs… Try using another browser (i belive edge is actually a good alternative for Makecode arcade) or try on another computer.

well, i use a 2018 Macbook Air for makecode and I’m already using Microsoft edge, so I cant really see a problem there. I know the Macbook Air has less processing power than a Pro, but it’s still a decent computer.

@richard do you have any idea on how to make the editor faster?