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How "Agent : Till" works?

Hey guys,
I was using the block “Agent : Till”
with using this page(Links) and follow its instruction
for somehow it doesn’t work, can anyone teach me how to use it?

Hey there!

When using agent till, make sure the block you are trying to till is grass or dirt and that the agent is just above the block (i.e. standing on the same level next to it). Also, I believe that you can only till in the directions front, back, left, and right. Up and down do not work.

Hi Richard !
Thanks for your reply.
I’d checked my blocks again from your suggestion, still the problem is the same.

Here is the screenshot for my blocks

Here is the captured video when I call the functions.

Please help me point out my problems, thanks a lot :blush:

version of Code Connection : 1.50
version of Minecraft : 1.16.1

Hmmm… That might be a bug. We’re taking a look. Thanks for reporting it!

Okay, thanks for your help. Looking forward to your good news :slight_smile:

Hello! This is a bug I’m afraid :frowning:
Thank you for reporting this - the Minecraft Team have logged it here on their known issues page: Known issues with Minecraft: Education Edition – Minecraft: Education Edition Support
They are looking into a fix, but no estimate yet on a timeframe.


Any update on when this bug will be fixed? We had big plans for coding up agent based farming but this blocks it.


I know I have tried working on it still in progress

I’ve already did this back on my Yt of 2019 where you use grass to make sure the agent is above the block and you CANT go up and down