How can I zoom out in a tilemap?

I’m working on a game and I want to be able to display a bigger area on the screen. The zoom extension I found makes a black area around the screen when you zoom it out which doesn’t really help with my issue. Is there a better extension for this?

it won’t work on hardware, but you can change the amount of pixels in the screen to a larger number. you could also use the tile-util extension to make the tilemap use 8x8 tiles

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Maybe the “Mini Map” extension can help you.

How do I do the former

To use 8x8 tilemaps, you need to import an extension. (see how to do that here)
You can either use the Tile util extension (built in, go to ‘Extensions’ in the toolbar, then scroll until you find it), or you can import the dedicated small tilemaps extension.

Hope this helps!