How do i Wire And Program a Micro Bit

I am Trying to Use a Micro Bit to use Basically Battery Powered Xmas lights.

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Idk, string lights probably need a more powerful power source! also depends on what lights you have.


You might want to look at, especially the Getting started page.

You may want to consider using NeoPixels for lights (it’s also possible to do individual LEDs).

If you haven’t done electronics before, be sure to only do the types of wiring and activities listed at places like, which use low power. Do not mix the micro:bit with things that are connected to bigger power sources (nothing connected to mains / wall sockets).


as others here have said - DO NOT mix wiring types / different power requirements!

If you could share a picture of the lights you want to use along with any make / model we may be able to advise further.

Do you want to just be able to turn them on/off or did you have something else in mind?

The Lights Will Have a power source on it own

:person_shrugging: i dont really know XD

Without knowing further details it sounds like you will need to connect the lights & MicroBit to a relay . The relay will turn the lights on / off based on a signal from the MicroBit .

Several relay add-ons are available for the MicroBit…here is just one example

i figured out how to do it


Great to hear that !

Any chance you might be prepared to share your solution here as i am sure others may have similar project that your experience could be of benefit to