How do you make your sprite image look left and shoot left or look right and shoot right

same for down and up as well


that didnt work. it only shot right

Instead of checking the image, it might be easier to store a variable. I usually create a variable called “facingLeft” and set it to be true or false when I change the image from facing left to facing right.

Im really confused but this is what i got

that code should work! You need to add the variable to the “and” block in each of the forever loops. For example,

if (facingLeft) and (is A button pressed):
    set projectile to (sprite of projectile facing left)

I did that

but now its just rapid firing

You can slow it down by putting a pause block inside the forever. Also, your game will probably work a little better if you combine all of the forever blocks (just put all the if/else blocks one after another).

To limit the ghosts, you can create a counter variable (numGhosts) and increase it when you spawn ghosts and decrease it when they get destroyed (there is an “on sprite of kind destroyed” event in the sprites category). Then, when you create a ghost, only create it if numGhosts is less than the limit.

That makes sense.

with the shooting part, all you had to do is drag it in to an A Button Pressed block instead of forever block or on game update