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How do I make my guy shoot one way if he is facing that way and another if facing that way?

Make a variable that stores the last keystroke, either left or right, and then check for what it was.

can you show a screenshot with the code or something?

Here you go, mate! Don’t mind the flip image things, those are to indicate direction.
Attach a variable to the left and right buttons, and have the shoot button check the direction. I use this all the time. I’d also recommend setting a starting variable in the on start block, to let you shoot without moving first.

For readability, you can do something like this:

You can also drag the true false booleans from the logic section. And then you just put left instead of left = 1

I’m aware. I started using 1’s and 0’s when I was just starting, and now I’ve just kind of gotten in the habit.

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Thank you guys so much