How much time will students need?

I’m sort of new to teaching CS and am thinking we’ll start the year with MakeCode and, probably, Meowbits. Mostly 10th graders. Does anyone have a rough timeline of how long kids will need (number of hours) to do some of the Skillmaps - particularly the Beginner Skillmap?

Any other words of wisdom? I assume I’ll just send them to the MakeCode Arcade webpage. Then I’ll have them submit photos of the skillmaps with checkmarks to prove they’ve completed them.

Thanks a bunch for any advice.


Hi, Lisa! So happy to hear you’re planning to bring this to class :slight_smile:

Some thoughts…

  1. Each skillmap has a “Learning Outcomes” page that gives pacing and themes. I’d add 10 minutes or so to each of these timings in general…and another 10-15 if your students are likely to get creative with the graphics and/or sounds.

  2. Keep in mind that students can keep clicking [Next] until they get to [Done] without ever having added a block. If you want more assurance, have them send you the link to their games (and/or screenshots) at the end of each level. Screenshots can be created for them automatically using our photo feature.

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  1. Some students can spend a lot of time in the creative process, while others don’t spend any. It can be helpful for the first few activities to let them know that they’ll have time to customize at the end…that way, everyone gets their game done first.

Then, the students who want to play with art or music can, and those who want to add cool new coding features can do that instead!


Teacher here! My rule of thumb is that it takes my students about 3 times as long as it takes me.

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Thanks a lot - very helpful! :slight_smile: