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Teachers! What would you prefer?

Hi, educators! I have a question for you –

We’re planning on adding a button to our Hour of Code Educator’s page this year that will let you create an assignment in Teams or Google Classroom from our webpage with a link to the Hour of Code activity. If you were going to assign this acitivity to your class, would you rather that link go to:



I am not a teacher I am not am not old enough to be a teacher but one day I would like to make my own skill map is that possible?


I like the first link.

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It is possible! But I’m not sure if it’s documented anywhere…

but the main idea is it’s just a bunch of tutorials that are linked together, so if you write the tutorials you want then we can help you turn that into a skillmap! have you tried the tutorial tool?

For the “create assignment” button, I think I would want it to point to the skillmap itself, since that’s the actual assignment. Your marketing team may have other ideas, though. :smiley: They might really want students to see the landing page.

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