Skillmap system?

I am trying to understand this new Skillmap system of education. Maybe I’m just dense. The ‘feedback’ does not seem to be very gratifying. Kind of like an automated telephone choice tree…not conversational; so the choices offered are forced.
Anybody know anything about how to use Skillmap and what the objectives are ?

Frank, I’d love to chat with you about the structure and future of skillmap.

Right now, the Beginner Skillmap is a guided path for students to follow if they want to learn how to make games in arcade. It gives them a few examples of games they can make, then they’re free to either choose another skillmap or start making projects on their own.

Is there something else you were expecting or hoping to see? I’d love to hear about it and see if we can find a way to make objectives more clear.

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@KIKIvsIT , thanks for your response. Your answers help me understand what MS is trying to do with Arcade; there’s much to say and ask about this Skillmap idea. My first comment was prompted because I could not give useful ‘feedback’ but rather only offered forced choices that don’t apply to my experience; such as: the pulsing “A” on the simulator screen has meant “press A for something to happen.” but here, that gives a blank screen. GetFeedback does not give me nor our 12 year olds the option to give this feedback but is rather a data collection system: that’s what Survey Monkey does. I have other comments intended to be constructive (we have been using MC Arcade since Gus Issa sold his first 1 inch TFT screen BrainPads.) but this filtered forum is not really conducive to chatting as you mention and I’ve been admonished here not to “overshare” ; I had to look that one up. Best to you and the team. Frank

Thanks for responding. Yes, now I see what you mean. I agree that our feedback channel is not great…and we’re working to fix it, but there are a lot of legal issues since our product is targeted at kids. Until then, feel free to email me directly at


Hello again, Kiki,
I continue to look at your Skillmap teaching tool.
I took the time this morning to make a video showing a problem that I have often had with MakeCode in several years past and this may not be your area of concern but since you seem to be in education I’d like some suggestions about how to inform our kids to anticipate and work around this problem. It crops up often; Github extension failure. I just took the first extension on the list to show how instructions to install it do not work.
If you wish to kick this video over to someone else who might be able to help, I understand , that you are busy with your project:

Thank you (enjoy your holiday if you have the day off ! )
Frank Schmidt