How to have a 2D object in raycasting

So I’ve been working on this shooter game, and I wanted to make a gun on the side, which looks like what you usually see in FPS games. Except that the gun would just become 3D, and I can’t make it become 2D. Any solutions to this?

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Could you show a picture of what you meant or a reference. Because that explanation was kinda hard to understand

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my Halo-Doom is a good example to look at, although it might be outdated. Maybe you can scroll down to one of AqeeAqee’s posts where he edited it with the new raycasting extension.

Introducing… Halo-Doom/Wolfenstein3D (But I’ll call it Halo-Doom)! - Arcade / Show & Tell - Microsoft MakeCode

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Just use the relative to camera block on the sprite you wish to use!