How to regain Lost progress?

I was just working on my game and then the simulation windo lagged like crazy so i refreshed the page and it had reverted to the first test of my game. I hope it’s possible to regain it because i have been working on this for a couple fo days and i lost 90% of my progress. I guess i just learnt to never trust the online saving.

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I always make copies of my projects, because there is no way to garuntee it saves :frowning: Sorry

Nah, the worst part about it was that it DID save, but rolled back.

@Sadguy, I’m very sorry you lost your work. That is terrible. We had a bug in cloud save that could roll back projects and lose the data. That bug has been patched, and we’re looking at ways to be more resilient and do better in the future.

MakeCode often stutters and starts duplicating projects because it thinks they’re open somewhere already. There’s a chance the project you were making is saved somewhere in a copy or the version you were viewing is a copy. You can try and check your projects for anything unusal like a copy of your project. If you don’t find it there chances are your progress is lost forever, sorry :slightly_frowning_face: