How to save sandbox game interactive tilemap

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I have created a sandbox game where the player changes the tile to center at their tilemap location and can cycle through options that change a variable that changes what tile the tilemap becomes. I want to be able to save players’ progress and theri creations. Does anybody know if there is a way to save what they change the tilemap into and then reupload it next time they play? Thanks.

in addition to saving the tile map edits it would be cool i if could add a minimap so the player can see where they are in relation to different biomes. the game is like 2d birds eye view minecraft knockoff with a different story. i have enemies, ruins, animals, and lots of blocks but with such a large tilemap with different biomes, a minmap would be really helpful (if it can show on a much smaller scale player as one pixel in rough drawings of biomes and background). Thanks

There is a minimal extension:

There might be a way to save game data by checking the array of all tile locations then sending that code to the player for them to write down and input later or use it in the settings but i am having trouble with it still. I hope this starting idea is helpful to anybody else with similar problems.

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This is how I saved a tile map it a Minecraft like game I made a wile back

Thanks, I hope you don’t mind if i copy some of that code and integrate it into my game. I will send you a finished link of my game.