Sandbox games

I am trying to not make a mine craft knockoff but rather my own sandbox game. I would like to figure out how to save the changes made to the tilemap by the player, and maybe add a minimap

do not steal these ideas please, rather we can build on each other’s ideas to improve all our code/games

I would be glad to share what I know or learn or work together with others. please keep this topic PG so anyone ccan join without feeling uncomfortable etc.

PixelPlace 0

(notice: there are sometimes minor errors in some versions that cause the game to reload i am trying to fix them)

PixelPlace 1.0

A sandbox game. Press a or spacebar to place/use
**b or enter to cycle through your options and **
arrow keys to move.

Black, white, and castle block are all decorative

Lava destroys enemies

Black and red checker is a corrupted spawner

Red is spawn corrupted pixel enemies on the spawner

Green and blue is heal

PixelPlace 1.1

I added sheep, strength, water, and grass. the sheep bounce around except one that spawns near you and in strength mode you can charge through enemies. the water is purely decorative.

PixelPlace 1.2

White and green checker is respawn tile, pig-xels are added but they just sit around, and nothing but player can go through lava. Also there is a bone that can summon a pug-xel dog to be your ally and friend. Walls now block animals and enemies. Ancient ruins have been added too. And i added credits

I have more versions but I couldn’t figure out how to make it so there are interactive riddles in game so i just had questions and my friends tell me their guesses IRL and i tell them where the hidden unlock is but that doesn’t work for here. In a bigger change I will simplify and remove some of that craziness and might not have any lore, just enemies building, animals, abilities and a cool map.


Wow very nice game Iove It! could I see if I could make a improved version? ( I will give credit )

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sure, show me what you’ve got. If i incorporate ideas from yours i will ask and give credit too.

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i have just finished a new update there are a lot of changes sorry if it is confusing, any questions please feel free to ask.

PixelPlace 2.0

Okay! any features/gimmicks you have in mind?

i would like to figure out a minimap because the world is big (just displaying the player’s location and roughly where in biome) after the map expands by “beginning the adventure”. I have not been able to figure out how to save the player’s changes to the tilemap, their “builds”, and if i could i have some ideas for making the map smaller but with “portals” (tiles to change tilemap to other tilemaps of the smaller biomes) rather than one big area. also i want to have more biomes/areas but that would either force the map to be gargantuan or if i could have small tilemaps (only 64^2 like the beginning map) of the new biomes. I will show and explain my lore versions too prior to this, though they aren’t very good. I am excited to see whatever ideas you have and working with you sounds fun and cool.
P.S. this is game is never intended to become 3d by me, i like the overhead view and platformer nonsensical switching 2d game-style.

In PixelPlace 1.3 there is a way to unlock a bigger world with ruins, ocean, forest, and caves. There is also the start of the lore and story with the abyss being who is the last survivor of his kind (for short the survivor). Some of the blocks you can never collect so you will have to be careful. Also i added turtles.

PixelPlace 1.4

I added trash, and something (enemies that have a dumb name and are stationary on spawners). I also added some of the end goal but it will be finished with the puzzle battle in 1.5.

PixelPlace 1.5

Timer is in top left, score in top right and lives still in top left

I finished the story and lore as well as the end goal. There is a random weird easter egg too. Enjoy.

PixelPlace 1.6 default texture
Minimal changes and slight upgrade to the color green

Pixel place 1.6 texture pack medieval gloomy

PixelPlace 1.7 i added two player mode (two players, one device/keyboard)

PixelPlace 1.8 just added an easter egg and i got a sponsorship deal (from one of my friends who codes games too)

PixelPlace 1.9.1 (bug fix)

There is now a mini platformer game afterwards. I an working on a separate game that is similar style but you can build your own platformer parkour course. Like pixelplace how you can build but this would be side view with gravity. The version in this is only a platformer after pixelplace and you can’t alter. (by the way i separated this idea and 2.0 with the gravity mode is better version of this)

Not ready yet or published just a way for me to access link and if you want to test this and give me feedback
I removed story and lore and end goal stuff, it clashed a little and I have ideas to improve it. This is not meant to be a new game, just a really big update. :

PixelPlace 2.0 most updated version i haven’t released to friends with some minor tweaks

next ideas:
Could add magic or a technology device maybe? Maybe add other maps expand but not normal larger, instead like a different level map access through portal? Try to add save? Try to make minimap? Fix lore and story?

P.S. this is not meant to be a minecraft knockoff merely a building and exploring sandbox game like it though i might be inspired by it
also sorry that this is really long
and finally, i have some other games too that i could share (not very good) but not on this topic, don’t want to confuse people.

This looks like a good case for a game that could use one of our new persistent links!

Are you logged in when you’re building? If so, you can get a link that you can share in the forums, then as you update it, the updates will show to the same link each time you republish!

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i prefer to have my versions of updates separate so people can play old versions but i might try this thing from time to time.

new update with a dash ability when in platformer mode press down and right or left to dash that direction