I am trying to switch to another email account

This current account, @Nobody, although i still use it some now, will be inaccessible to me by this summer of 2023. I would like to transfer all the data of what topics i am tracking etc. and membership trust rank to @NobodyNomad. I don’t want to delete all data on Nobody 2nd account because i tried switching over on my own by making a new account and using that, but i might have stuff on that that isn’t on this and i don’t want to lose any data/topics. i can confirm that @Nobody, and @NobodyNomad are the same person (me) in a few minutes after i log on to the second account. after i fully transfer over, i might need to change my username but i know that topic already and will handle it as needed. sorry that this is lengthy and specific but hopefully it can help others in similar situations in the future.

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This is true and I am Nobody and Nobody2ndAccount

I want to do the same thing in the end of the next school year. I am currently using a school account and i would love to get a solution to this, and i think i have one. It is possible to add a second account to your user but I don’t know if that’s going to help. What you could do with games is that you make a topic where you download all your games and then open them on the other account. Hope this helps you.

Why would it be inaccessible? Sorry if its a personal question, but it could help figure something out?

this email will be obsolete to me and i have to switch everything over to my main email account (not this one, the Nobody2nd account one)

okay i did it