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I know your number

I did this so fast that it took me under 10 minutes to make. Speedruns!!

This robot knows what number you are guessing.


I like it!
the number randomness is fun

Did the cpu guess it

of course.
well on is 5 try.

Did I do something wrong in the code or did you chose some kind of fraction or decimal?

no it was 23

So I guess five seconds of looking at the numbers aren’t enough?

guess so.

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I did the guessing number thing and it got me every time. It always got my number correct

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I thing he means it asked “Do you see your number?” five times.

It got me. :slight_smile:

Mine was 5 times.

Wow it worked

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The CPU asks you 5 times if you see you number on the screen, then it changes. The yes and no will determine what you number is. It goes through this function 5 times and at the end, it will know you number. At the end, it will ask you “is your number __?” Then it will either be correct or not


@ymxdj0 @LCProCODER @UnsignedArduino @GameGod @ChickenBoy

this is how I made it -> math


It failed.

What do you mean by failed?

Never mind, it got my number

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Here is an updated link to the game. It will say what card you are on.

i spammed A and it gave me 31

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