I need help coming up with a game idea for a jam

I wished to mess around with seeing how well arcade can work, when making small prototypes. To do this, I joined a game jam (The N8Jam.) The jam has a theme of “Break the system.” The game jam also requires that my game relates to the following piece of lore. “I could almost feel its potential as they dropped it into my hand. A loud thump echoing through the area reminded me this was not the end.” I can use the whole thing or just a piece of the lore.

If anyone can suggest a short and simple game idea that fits both the theme and lore, I would be quite greatful.



How about a game where you hack a computer, and break applications (minigames) which give you secrets about the main computer. And once you defeat the boss, it gives a BSOD :slight_smile:


I like it!

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