Microsoft MakeCode

I want to make a 2nd version of untitled goose game

I need some experienced coders to help me since I’m not that good at coding but I’m great at pixel art I also wanna make new levels and stuff and I want hopefully 2 player maybe even 4 player I just thought it would be fun to see what untitled goose game 2 would look like


or i can do some other stuff

i can help on some stuff because that’s easy if you already know how to code for right now ima work on picking up the things and the first level but what level? like the shop level with the tvs? or should i work on the duck gettig angry

I can help with coding, but I have not played the game.

i think we should work on the first level where you have to make a picnic

the game is about a duck/you go to different levels steal stuff and cause chaos to complete tasks and that’s all i know

ok but right now i’m busy later okay and you are wright it is goose

Isn’t it a goose?

Can I make the goose please

yea sure i will make level once goose is done