Introducing... Halo-Doom/Wolfenstein3D (But I'll call it Halo-Doom)!

Thanks! Expect an update in a couple of days, which will feature Halo-styled enemies and combat (For now you can just shoot the enemies (With the new update), but enemies will have no way of attacking you. I think I have an idea though…)!

As a side note, I tried migrating the HUD over to the Blocks Edition of the 3D render you sent me but it strangely would not let me keep the sprites “Non-3D”. And for whatever reason, there are errors (Again) in the link you re-sent me. Kept saying that there were undefined fields and I don’t see any area for me to change the animations of the sprites. It was just… Javascript.

Update to v0.3.3 editon please.
This version add supporting for “sprites relative to camera”, like HUD.
click here:

Mentioned in the post of Blocks Edtion:

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An update is on the way!

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Been very busy with other non-makecode projects of my own, so it’s been hard to work on any Makecode related projects. The update was only about halfway done. Sorry guys.

Hi there, I’ve stopped working on this project. It was really fun to work with but I’ve got bigger projects to work on.

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