Inventory extension

oh ok thx

omg dis got instant


btw, that wasnt the problem,the problem was that when i pressed A the selected slot disapeared and didnt reapear in the inventory, (not hotbar lol) so, it didnt help, sadly

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can you post the latest version pls

this is just the code

can you please add a function for adding an item to the inventory that would be usefull please and also a “change selected index” to go with the set selected index.altogether great extension

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For adding items, look in the example I posted.

And issue for change index:

Is there a way to have the toolbar while in 3D Render Mode?

Sorry, I’m not sure as I have not tried using the 3D extension @AqeeAqee made. But if it can draw a sprite on screen like a GUI component, then it should work.


Actually its fine just make any sprite relative to screen and it works just fine.


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I added the blocks to change numbers, so you don’t need super long blocks for it!

I also updated the example: (works slightly better and uses more functions for cleaner code - you can use this for the Simulation Mini Jam possibly!)


I imported the extension, and makecode told me that the project could not be run because of errors. Before I added the inventory extension, there weren’t any.

Do you happen to be using sprite utils? Just wondering, as I’m unable to reproduce this myself. Can you open the console and look for the “TS” errors?

I added the sprite utils extension, but never used it. Is there a way to delete extensions?

Did you have the sprite until extension installed before you installed the inventory extension?

You can delete extensions, but sprite utils is used internally by Inventory. I can probably remove the dependency to it by just duplicating some code though, which I’ll do when I can…

I made the toolbar stay in screen but that doesn’t work
arcade-BALDIS-BASICS-IN-3D (5)

In tilemap mode it does
arcade-BALDIS-BASICS-IN-3D (6)
well kindof :confused:

Set the toolbar relative to camera, and set the position of it on screen. Then set the z index to something really high, I forgot what Z index the ray casting extension renders at.

How do you make it relative to camera(sorry I’m dumb lol)

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Sprite flag, like how you set your sprite to ghost or invisible.