Is there any extension that can encode text?

Hi, is there any extension that encodes text? Like, to morse, to base, you get it?

I can put something together quickly if you tell me specifically what you need

Ok, I’m planning something like an utility app that can do many things, and encoding and decoding is one of those things. It’s going to be included in PixOS btw! I mean, a reporter block like “encode(‘string’) to (baseXX-morse-HEX-bin)” that could be placed as a variable could be nice. Also, it’s reverse “decode(‘encodedstring’) to (text-unicode-ASCII)” could be nice. The difference between those three text options might vary.

Do you get it?

Idk that’s a lot of stuff you named if you could break it down that would be great

Ok. Like, converting an input string to Morse Code, HEX, Binary, or something like that.

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