Isometric help

so you may have noticed for a while ive been obsessed with making isometric stuff and have tried in different ways and havent been easy for tiles
is there a way that someone can make an extension where you can have isometric tilesets like this :

and then make maps like :
Screenshot 2022-08-22 8.19.33 PM
Screenshot 2022-08-20 11.00.22 PM

but it eeds to somehow apply layers and actually overlap them somehow and join together so it looks like them and not have to make a milllionnn tiles to look good

something like Script] Square tiles to isometric tiles - Scripts & Extensions - Aseprite  Community

it would be AMAZING if this could be managed cause you could basically make a still angled super mario 3d land i guess or a sonic labyrinth or sonic 3d blast or an isometric minecraft


could anyone make a tilemp extension called isometric tilemap wich is like the 8x8 tilemap extension but its a 9x18 isometric grid with walls and make blocks here are some images to explain what i mean

i mean most likely double those sizes cause thats tiny so yeh
if you want a larger size look at the should have approved new tilest on yaay i did isometric tiles
but here is what this game looks like

I’m building an isometric engine!

I’m planning to have multiple sizes for tiles, and for it to be SUPER flexible, but it will have a learning curve because the tilemap editor isn’t isometric tho.

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