Juno Kernel

Well, this is it.
I made a Kernel within Makecode Arcade.
It’s called Juno (It’s officially a week old, by the way :partying_face:)
I made quite a few versions of it.
The version I am going to display is Version 30. Don’t assume that Version 30 is very far in development…
Once I get to version 100, the first version will be officially released.

I’ve seen a lot of Makecode Operating Systems before, and I felt that a lot of them were well made. I hadn’t made an Operating System before, so I decided to make one using this engine.
There is a version of Juno I made using C# (It’s a seperate edition called Juno C.)
Of course, this is a development build. The first build I made that was a major release is Version 27. This version, however, uses a GUI, which other versions hadn’t used prior. Instead, they used a text-based interface similar to the Command Prompt in Windows.
Hope you guys enjoy!


Very nice! I look forward to more


Your wish has been granted.


Nice work, but I spotted a bug! When you enter the ‘system’ menu and exit it, every A button press in the menu will just bring you to the top!

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Thanks for noticing this!
Turns out, I just forgot a piece of my code…
The reason why EVERY A press brought it all the way to the top is because the system still thought it was in the system menu, and since “Terminal Toggle” and “System Reset” weren’t in the list when you backed out of the menu, it would “return” to the Juno Menu. Normally, when you enter/exit menus, the TOP option will be the one that is automatically “selected”. So, since the System still thought it was in the System Menu, it kept on “returning” to the Juno Menu, which is why it kept on going to the top of the Menu whenever you press “A”.
Sorry if this explanation was tedious… :sweat_smile:

Here’s the fixed Version.
It might just look like the same version but it just updated all links that share this url.


Haha, no problem, I look forward to helping further.