'Juno Update'

Well, I haven’t posted anything relating to Juno in a while…
The last build I implemented was Juno 44. Since then, I have released 25 more individual builds. (No, I’m not kidding with you on that.)
I could theoretically type out EACH BUILD individually on this post. But why do that when I could just give out a summary of what has happened?


  • Juno Kernel Development Ended with Build 44 (I posted that here.)
  • Juno Odyssey is the second version of the Juno Operating Environment. It has the shortest development span ever, but overall it is the newest [released] version.
  • Juno Horizon (going to released publicly on youtube with the link) has been completed. It will release on December 25th.
  • Juno Emerald has its development completed. It will release next year.
  • Juno Marchburn is in development.

Also, the Juno Operating System actually formed a business around it somehow.
Juno Odyssey RTM https://makecode.com/_cMEhouKTcDR8