Keyboard impress

Does arcade makecode have a block for when a key on the keyboard is pressed? Say the p key. I’m trying to make a game to teach how to type. Thoughts?

Sadly, this isn’t possible without some high-level stuff. You can’t do it in blocks, and I don’t think you can do it in Python. There is a thread here -

You can ask @eanders or @jwunderl, they might be able to help you with that. (sorry for the pings)

this might be a beginning to understand it ; keyboard Arcade assignments:

You can’t directly get keys like that as Arcade is also designed to be compatible with hardware. If you want something like that you would have to go to Scratch :confused:

No @eanders tried but it is impossible. You can use the player two controls. ijkl uo on the keyboard.

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I thought there was an extension, but you have to have a add-on keyboard for that. But it is there

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