Launch Arcade Games on Retropie

Can someone make a step by step guide to me how to install and play arcade games on retropie?

All you need is usb drive, just download the .elf file and insert. Here are more instructions.

Thanks you

Added a quick automatic installation script for McAirpos today. :wink:

I may not be able to use it soon because retropie’s latest release is broken. It happened because of a security update raspberry did. Also downgrading will not work either.

Sorry to hear that, @Agent_14! It just happened to me as well, and is a real hassle, since they tend have short version binary history, and no version history for related source files.

I try not to update RetroPie or Raspbian on my RetroPie installations, unless new features or forward compatibility forces me. Luckily it’s not that often. -And recent image backups of working installations have proven very valuable(when I remember it before I press update, hehe…).

Good luck!

I had no option to upgrade cause I barely got the pi for Christmas and I only recently got a second SD card.