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Let's fight and......much more

A classic fighter game with some builtin interesting fighters. It’s like a pilot version, some fighters may seem invincible with powerful attacks and no mana cost like:

A cyclops bat

Screen-Recording-2021-07-22-at-3 (1)

A scientist equipped with electromagnetism:

Screen-Recording-2021-07-22-at-3 (3)

or a baby godzilla when enraged will summon its big brother:

Screen-Recording-2021-07-22-at-3 (2)

and a teacher who gives surprise test at will, sometimes easy, sometimes tooooooooooo hard:


Screen-Recording-2021-08-04-at-3 (1)

It’s better to plug-in an extra keyboard to play with your friends, since the default keymap of players are quite close, making it even harder to invoke special skills.

To start fighting, every fighter has default moves like common fighter games
Common skils:

A - attack A
B - attack B
:arrow_right: :arrow_right:(2 times) - dash
:arrow_right: :arrow_right:(2 times) A - dash attack A
:arrow_right: :arrow_right:(2 times) B - dash attack B
:arrow_down:(hold) - defend

And there’s more,
Fighter skills (varies per fighter, may be not implemented, try to find out):

:arrow_down:+A / B
:arrow_up:+A / B
:arrow_down:+:arrow_up:+A / B
:arrow_right::arrow_right:+:arrow_up:+A / B
:arrow_right:+A / B
:arrow_down::arrow_right:+A / B
:arrow_down:+:arrow_right:+A / B
quick stand (when blown in the air)+A / B

Ah, there’s one more thing, we’ve thinking about a game-core-and-lots-of-DLC style collaboration, and this is the first of this kind. Fighters are loaded into the game from arcade or github projects as extensions (or mods in minecraft) and included by invoking the entry point functions.

To make a custom fighter, start from here:


The demo project has a predefined fighter “unnamed” has a skill bound to :arrow_down:+A which shoots a projectile named “dots” with damage of 5. These are made using blocks under

Hmmmmm, the block texts are not easy understanding since we are not native speakers :joy: :joy: :joy: Help wanted!!!


Too much cool :clap:

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Can’t believe that I didn’t put the game in the post.


Here’s how to build a custom fighter and bring it into the fight.

Step 1. Build a custom fighter from a empty template project with provided blocks ‘Fighter’

Here’s a project containing a ‘Bat’ with 4 stylish skills.


Red Laser ( :arrow_down: :arrow_right: A )


Leeching Attack hp recover when hit ( :arrow_down: :arrow_right: B )


Tracing Bat (:arrow_down: :arrow_up: A )


Bat Swarm ( :arrow_down: :arrow_right: B )


Step 2. Turn it into a dlc

  1. Backing up your project by saving the published url, downloading as a png or update to github;
  2. Delete start game block in the on start event


After this your stand alone fighter development project will not run.

  1. Click Javascript tab

Wrap everything from line 1 to end into a function

namespace myfighter_dlc_anything_that_is_unique {

    export function fighterEntryPoint() {
           // original main.ts code here.

  1. Publish the project, get the published url ( )

  2. Now your fighter is ready for others to play with.

  3. Edit the Integration project , importing the url get in step 3,

  4. Invoke the entryPoint function in the main.ts
    Screen-Recording-2021-08-10-at-4 (1)

  5. Now BEAT the pre-made fighters with your own fighter.

Hey how do you summon Godzilla?

I think its’ “:arrow_down:+→+B”

also how do you quick stand?

If the fighter is equipped with a quick stand skill, pressing :arrow_up: + A / B after being knocked down will gets the fighter up from floor

danks! (i did that on purpose)