Let's Fight! Predator DLC! (Final game/project to share for now)

https://makecode.com/_gKxTA6Vce2yr - Predator Fighter DLC

https://makecode.com/_VgF0D28xTdR7 - DLC URL

https://makecode.com/_HmmYFrL3YLDk - Entire game + DLC

I stumbled across this really fun topic by @felixtsu and set out to make my own fighter. I ended up styling the fighter off of the Predator (Not for kids) and might have made the abilities too overpowered :sweat_smile: (Don’t worry I made sure that you will only be able to use them once or twice before needing the stamina to recharge.

Like the title says, this is my final project (Well, technically it’s a DLC, so the Halo-Doom project is my last one for now)

:arrow_up:+A - Super Jump
:arrow_down:+A - Tracked Plasma Burst
:arrow_up:+B - Leeching Dash
:arrow_down:+B - Plasma Gatling

W - Jump
AD - Move
S - Shield

A - Wrist Blade
B - Net Gun

DD - Dash
DD+A - Combistick Charge
DD+B - Enraged Combistick Charge



isn’t DLC meant is you have to buy the downloaded pack or there is another form of DLC is fo pls tell me

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DLC means downloadable content. It does not need to be paid for and serves as additional content for a pre-existing game.

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Why do i need too buy Dlc conetnet then?

I said it does not need to be paid. It can be paid for, but it can also be free.

:man_shrugging: Idk man!