Best practice making levels with the new tilemap editor

The new tilemap editor is great … but it’s left the kids confused when following tutorials with multiple levels (the cat jumper for example) and it’s not obvious to me how to help them.

In the old scheme you would create an array of tile maps (really images I guess) and bump the index into that array when you complete a level. It doesn’t seem possible to create an array of new style tilemaps though. As a workaround I’ve suggested an if/else logic block chain to set a tilemap given a level number … which works but isn’t that elegant from a programming perspective. So, I was wondering what the best practice is here now and if something is planned but not released yet?



I’ve made an extension to make this easier, but I haven’t added it to the list of approved extensions yet.

You can add it by clicking on “extensions” in the toolbox and pasting that URL into the search box. No documentation yet because I’m still working on it. Blocks might change in the future! However, it should be safe to add your project because it won’t change versions unless you manually update it.

Also, note that this is an “unofficial” extension I’ve been working on in my free time. It’s not part of Microsoft or MakeCode

Thank you, that’s helpful. I’ll take a peek around tomorrow.