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Makecode Ev3 Brick with nxt sensors

Hello MakeCode community,

I’m a computer science teacher. This year, we are using MakeCode for the first time. During the last 10 years, we used Lejos, Mindsqualls and Monobrick. We switched for MakeCode because of the JavaScript.

Here is my problem, we have 24 EV3 bricks with NXT sensors and motors. We only upgraded our bricks since the motors and sensor were still working fine. Unfortunately, NXT sensors don’t work with MakeCode. The motors are working perfectly with the ev3 brick.

Is it a documented bug? My code is working in the simulator.

Thanks for your help,


We do not have official support for the NXT sensors. It seems that those are either analog or I2C sensors but we haven’t done any work to support them.

Which sensor do you have?