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I badly need to use the NXT Sound Sensor

I bought a set of Ev3 Mindstorms for my son. We started building robots. I read on the Internet that we can use NXT sensors with Ev3. I bought an NXT sound sensor to build a robot which responds to sounds.

The sensor has arrived and now we got stuck as MakeCode (and the app for MacOS) doesn’t support the sound sensor.

I’m a software developer and I am happy to help to extend MakeCode for EV3 to support the sound sensor. Please let me help so I can finish our robot with my son :slight_smile:

I know multiple programming languages so if there is any other platform out there which would allow me to use the sound sensor today - please point me to it (I’m still new to Lego Ev3).

Thank you.

@peli we don’t support any NXT sensors, right?

I am happy to help to implement the support for NXT sensors if required. As a software dev with 20 years of experience I have been coding in assembler, C++, C#, Python, Java and more. I can help.

Otherwise - is there any EV3-compatible sound sensor available on the market that I can use with MakeCode or Scratch? We have a few nice ideas for a robot responding to sounds. We bought an EV3 Education set, an NXT sound sensor and we basically cannot use it (as Lego didn’t release an official EV3 sound sensor for some reason).

Or, can you guys please recommend some alternative to MakeCode that supports NXT sensors?

Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t know of any alternatives and we do not support any sound sensors right now. If you’d like to try adding support, the code is in this repo:

The implementation for the other sensors is in the libs/ folder of that project. TBH I’m not too familiar with the EV3 code myself but @peli or @mmoskal might have some pointers

Hi @peli and @mmoskal - because the EV3 set doesn’t have an equivalent of the NXT sound sensor - would it be very hard to implement support just for this one particular sensor? I can help, I am a software engineer, you can trust me :smiley:

And it would be nice to add the other nxt sensors, too. We still have them in our school and it would be more friendly to our planet not to throw them away!