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MakeCode for nRF52840?

Will MakeCode be able to support the nRF52840 chip or other modules using this particular chip?

We just merged support for 840 feather. Feel free to PR any other board.

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Thank you @mmoskal. I’ll try them this weekend with the N840 dongle and Feather N840. :hugs:

btw, where can I find the working source for the bootloader?

I found but I was warned:

Warning : This project was never fully functional. Please use

So I tried to follow the recommendation and got this when compiling for pca10059.

I also had the same errors with


The Adafruit NRF bootloader (which is indeed the one to use) was building for me a few days ago. I suggest you file an issue there.

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I submitted an issue on Github, #109

Re-cloning the repo fixed the problem.

Update on testing nRF52840 boards:
1.) Feather nRF52840 Express - blinky works.
2.) Circuit Playground Bluefruit - blinky won’t compile.

We’ve also added the Arduino 33 nano BLE sense, blinking.

How about the CLUE or nRF52840 USB dongle from Nordic Semi (pca10059)?

We haven’t looked at those. Feel free to send us a PR in maker to support those.

I am new to this but have the new Clue board from adafruit how do I send a PR to have this board added?? thanks for the help

Here are the instructions on how to add a board to maker.

Here’s the link:

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