MakeCode Forum Code of Conduct

Welcome and About this Forum

Hi there! We’re happy you’ve joined the MakeCode Forum! Welcome to our little community of people who are passionate about all things MakeCode.

This forum is meant to be a place where educators, partners, extension authors, and super users can discuss ideas, ask for help, share their projects, and interact with the product team.

Please note, you must be at least thirteen years old to use the forum.

Terms of Service

To use the Microsoft MakeCode Forum, you must agree to the terms of service set forth by the Discourse platform, which include:

  • You must be at least thirteen years old. We are required to ban accounts if the user is under thirteen.
  • You may no longer use the forum if the MakeCode Team contacts you directly to say that you may not.
  • You must use the forum in accordance with Acceptable Use and Content Standards.

Code of Conduct

There are a few common-sense guidelines we would ask you to respect as a member of our forum.

1. Don’t over-share

Please no sharing of personally identifiable information on the forum - this includes your full name, email, phone number, etc. We want to protect your privacy. Only MakeCode Team members may directly message forum members. Discussion of meeting up with other forum users on any external services is prohibited. This includes (but is not limited to) Instagram, Google Docs, Google Meet, Discord, Among Us, and any other video, audio, or text chat service.

Also be careful when posting screenshots of your computer to not include any personal information. Tabs, bookmarks, profile pictures, names, and any personal information must be removed from screenshots before they are posted on this forum.

2. Be nice

Treat other forum members with respect and empathy. We will not tolerate bullying or inappropriate conduct. Swearing and extreme language are not allowed on the forums.

3. Stay on topic

This is a forum to discuss MakeCode related topics. No politics or router reviews here.

4. Clear and concise

The forum will be used by others who may be looking for the same question/answer as you. Please file your posts in the appropriate category and write as if other people will read it.

How to Use the Forum

Here are some tips on the best way to get the most out of the Forum.

  • One post per project – In general, it’s good practice to keep all project updates in a single topic post. This means that if you have new versions or updates to your project or game, simply reply to the existing post, instead of creating a new topic each time. This helps keep the Forum tidy.
  • Avoid spam spam spam! – We will remove spam replies or topics. Spam means unrelated messages or topics, or messages posted multiple times.
  • Write constructive comments – We love to see cool games and projects! When you are replying to a topic, think about trying to make your comment constructive and specific. For example, instead of “I love this!”, maybe think about saying, “I love the way you drew the birds!” Respectful, constructive feedback like “I think the jump could be faster” or “I would love to see different types of traps in the levels” is also great–these forums are here to help us make better games and projects!

That’s it! We’re excited you’re part of our community. If you have any questions about the Forum, contact