MakeCode Kart

@Kiwiphoenix364 what do you mean by it being delayed

can i be added into makecode kart?

It’s not in this release, I just meant that I’ll probably add it, but I didn’t take the time for this release to add it, because I’d probably have to edit it (like I did on the other track you made that I added). It’ll probably be in the next release.

Make your character FIRST and share the link of it to be added into the game

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Using @Kiwiphoenix364 template, I built a track and a cup icon
the link:

but my character was bad

You can’t just ask the creators to do it for you either.
If your sprite is bad, the community won’t judge you.

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Cool, although that track icon is looking… a little sus. (And I don’t think this will get into the game because there is literal BLOOD splattered on the track)

Also, I’ve made a new template! (THERE’S NO TRACKS IN IT SO IT CRASHES WHEN YOU LOAD IT.)

A preview of your asset (eg image, tile, animation)

idk how to make it bigger hope u can see it

@Kiwiphoenix364 Right, I removed the blood and what do you mean by the icon being sus? :thinking:


Also, this track micht get in the next update!

what can i work on?

@Kiwiphoenix364 What color were for the pipes? It come to me that all of the tracks made had no pipes at all.

@Taser bro when you get off track its very slow to get back in

will there be multiplayer or computers?

Yes, it is still in development

@Taser i did make my map but i deleted it i guess i was sleepy but i did do it

can i get added plz

you have to make your own sprites